We come with a comprehensive offer of ice creams, not any other, but it is an offer of draught icecream. We offer fruit-sorbets, creamy ice creams of various flavors. These are only Czech products, when the quality of feedstock is consistently adhered to.
Lightening ice cream
Our aim is to make the ice cream always delicious, full and distinctive taste and its production is based on original recipes. We have a variety of flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, lemon, vanilla and others. To prepare ice cream you can use ready-made frozen mixtures, which are homogenized and pasteurized.
Proper refreshment
The ready-made frozen mixture is very easy to prepare, time saving, stable taste and of course hygienic safety. The powdering mixture for making ice cream for making ice cream is again quick and easy to prepare to choose different flavors. The hot ice cream, whether fruit or cream, is a great heat for refreshment.

Mácha Lake

We would like to invite you on vacation and where to go, rather than the renowned and very popular place, which is Mácha Lake. You can be here only for a weekend, it's up to you. We offer cottage accommodation suitable for family holidays.

Mácha Lake is only a few minutes ' walk away from the chalets. The chalets are in a pine forest, located in Staré Splavy. They are four-bedded and equipped with a refrigerator. The campsite has a shared bathroom and shower facilities.

The right holiday

Mácha Lake is the perfect holiday for everyone, because there are countless entertainment and activities around here. Every adult and every child will find their own. As a family, you can go on excursions to the surrounding area, but you don't really have to go far for fun.

Do not buy, rent

It is an imperative of a time that is quite understandable. On the one hand, we live surrounded by a lot of advertisements that offer us all sorts of goods, which "we must have", thus pulling money often for useless, on the other hand specialisation and sophistication, many things do not allow us to confess in everything and so we must To use the services of experts in areas that we do not adequately control. So sometimes the purchase is basically meaningless, and only a reasonable lease of the service, or even a device, or a person remains.
Computer area
One of the most complex areas of today is the various systems associated with computers, Computer Management, network management and so on. Even in the field of information technology and komputerization, they are not today experts who would adequately control the wide range of all that is associated with it. For example, the managed Server service is a convenient solution.

Ltd. For sale

Ltd. For sale

Still don't know if at all and how to start a business? You do not have companions or advisors, and in professional manuals it is described quite complex. But if you don't want to, you won't stay alone. Everything can be used for smarter services. Find an agency that will help you start your business, even to advise you to use available Ltd for sale instead of setting up a new business.
Ltd. For sale

It sounds odd and you're untrusting. But you don't have to be. Transactions such as Ltd. for sale is completely legal, real and additionally advantageous.
Fast, reliable, no problems

You'll see that this path is the fastest way to get your own business. Give us your worries, we'll advise them. We select for you Ltd. for sale and we will arrange all the transferring service.

Such rags will be sold very well. You are an experienced businesswoman, so you can accurately predict which goods will be popula

Do you need to dress for free time and would you throw some men's t-shirts? You can contact our company, which may be the only thing you need in the offer.

We deal with the sale of quality textile material, suitable as work or promotional clothing and casual wear. If you are looking for men's T-shirts for this purpose, please visit our website for all other information and where you can also order and purchase the straight items of your choice.

We are here for you

Our wide range of textile goods among which you can find mens leisure shirts, is available to you anytime and anywhere. Just click on the right Internet link and you'll just choose the right one for you. So you know where to choose?

Simple Maintenance

Are you going to renovate the house and you do not have yet a clear idea of reconstruction? Ask for a menu of windows, doors online and get an overview. E.g. Quality plastic windows and doors will meet your high demands for operation, acquisition and maintenance.
In the spring months, you can also get discounts on the production of Windows, depending on the business you reach. In addition, others can offer window focus and free shipping or volume discounts.
Quality plastic windows and doors will make you tailor-made, to your satisfaction.
Personal meetings
If you have special wishes, add-ons or other problems, discuss all of the representatives of your chosen company. Specialised and trained staff will be able to meet you and the custom-made plastic windows will surely be managed as soon as possible and at a time that suits you best. Everything depends on the arrangement.

When to retire

When retired is a frequently asked question. Of course, we all know that we must be diligentately prepared for retirement. The website has the opportunity to find a calculator and you will know the amount of your pension.
You will find detailed information when you retire. It is best for you to arrange a decent pension insurance. But of course it all depends solely on your discretion. In addition to this, we have the possibility to significantly increase financial cash, thanks to regular savings.
Feel free to contact us
Pension savings is not a novelty, but it is very important to be necessary, because no one later wants to be financially dependent on your loved ones. Retirement Calculator no longer need to bother you. We will gladly answer all questions. Just contact us and reliable employees from our company will pay you.

Have a drink in the mountains

If you like to spend your holiday actively, we recommend using the services of our hotel. Accommodation Jeseníky is suitable for anyone who likes downhill and cross-country skiing. In summer you will also come to your own. You can hike along the ridges with beautiful views. There are perfect cycling routes in the vicinity. The hotel has a multipurpose playground and inside the wellness centre and gym.
Various accommodation offers
We offer various promotions and discounts throughout the year. Rooms can be booked for a week or an extended weekend. Schools regularly organise their ski courses with easy access to ski slopes and cross-country tracks. Summer school trips are also popular. The multipurpose playground, hiking trails and cycling schoolchildren will surely entertain you. We are also equipped for corporate clientele.

Led lighting is increasingly sought after

If you're trying to make good lighting in your company or home, it's a good thing to invest in modern technology. Thanks to them it will not happen that the resistance would not be high, the light was uncomfortable or there was no high luminosity. One of the options that are popular both in offices and in houses is the ice panel. It works great and does not happen to you that it does not work or that it fulfils your requirements. There are many models on the market, which makes you the right one. That's why this solution is becoming more and more popular. Decide for yourself and you will be sure that everything pays off to you for one hundred percent.
Do not worry that it would be easily damaged
You don't have to worry about being damaged or having any problems with functionality. Today, they are carefully checked for quality, and because of this, they are not really any problems about being easily damaged. That's why you won't have to deal with their service and you'll be sure that it pays off as you can.

Make yourself happy with the well-preserved antique furniture

Do you need to give old things, because your desired purpose has already been fulfilled, but do you feel that they could still be useful? Do you know how to do that? Do not lose your head, we will help you. We are an advertising site that offers you free space for your free advertising completely free of charge and without any fees. Feel free to have your first lead tomorrow.
With us you do not have to worry about hidden fees, etc. We are here for you and your satisfaction is the biggest earnings for us. So don't hesitate and embed your ads for free. Feel free to tear down old things and possibly kick new ones. Don't worry, your free ads will be as visible as everyone else. With us you sell and not for sale!
Monetize Your assets
Do not be afraid to monetize your property, we will be happy to help you and especially without any investments. Our services are completely free, so do not worry that you will lose. It pays to sell with us.