We come with a comprehensive offer of ice creams, not any other, but it is an offer of draught icecream. We offer fruit-sorbets, creamy ice creams of various flavors. These are only Czech products, when the quality of feedstock is consistently adhered to.
Lightening ice cream
Our aim is to make the ice cream always delicious, full and distinctive taste and its production is based on original recipes. We have a variety of flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, lemon, vanilla and others. To prepare ice cream you can use ready-made frozen mixtures, which are homogenized and pasteurized.
Proper refreshment
The ready-made frozen mixture is very easy to prepare, time saving, stable taste and of course hygienic safety. The powdering mixture for making ice cream for making ice cream is again quick and easy to prepare to choose different flavors. The hot ice cream, whether fruit or cream, is a great heat for refreshment.